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ClusDev Med project lies within priority research & innovation topics in EU-Mediterranean cooperation. The main scope to enhance awareness and knowledge about the project is to: Draw together academic research teams from the EU and Mediterranean countries with multidisciplinary skills and expertise in the field of Clusters issue. Build joint collaborative projects for developing Clusters as new potential instruments to reinforce research in food, water and energy sectors and disseminate knowledge of Clusters activities and achievements.

ClusDev Med Objectives:

  • Objective 1

    National and Regional Knowledge and Technology Sharing Network
    Foster the EU-MPC public-private-partnership (PPP), and to uptake research results by developing and promoting a more efficient use of RDI frameworks and resources (information, innovation and business support, standards, products, tests and analysis…);
  • Objective 2

    Promoting Clusters Excellence for sustainable knowledge transfer
    Research and Innovation play a major role in development of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and job creation, especially in developing economies. Building competences of the national RDI systems and regional cooperation will be achieved in ClusDev Med through the improvement of the competences human capital and research infrastructures.
  • Objective 3

    Emerge the concept of knowledge-based economy in Mediterranean region
    Develop national innovation cultures in MPCs for the benefit of its industry and local market and for the region economy progressive movement from low to medium technology through research and innovation staff exchanges, and sharing of knowledge and ideas.
  • Objective 4

    Staff exchange and carrier development:
    Establish an RTI Management Academy in the MEDA region in order to create qualified generations of professional WEF-RTI administration elites/clusters managers/ pioneer entrepreneurs based on implementation of interlinked learning methodologies (workshops, training courses, eLearning, pedagogy, and blended). The established Academy will be responsible for delivering top-notch training and EU standardized capacity building programs in synergetic way with other similar EU initiatives in the region (i.e. EEIF-RDI-Innovation Clusters in Egypt). Carrier development actions will vary from networking activities, ClusDev Med Alumni social groups and media, targeted workshops, summer schools, etc.
  • Objective 5

    Dissemination and exploitation actions
    Disseminating and communicating the results achieved, in order to extend the projects echo over the time of the project itself. Brokerage events will be organized in the EU-Mediterranean regions.

  • ClusDev Med Goals:

    - Raise success story and create a critical mass able to assess and influence the public policies
    - Gain in visibility and capacities of incidence
    - Create employment
    - Eliminate fragmentation and overlapping among Clusters
    - Increase dissemination, multiplication and impacts
    - Improve competitiveness of research centres through networking activities and researchers exchange
    - Create an efficient Networking background
    - Give to the SMEs new instrument/platform to access to the market.

    Project Duration: 4 Years

    Starts: June 2015
    Ends: May 2019